South African flowers at the International Flower Show Goyang in Korea

From the 29th of April until the 15th of May, the International Flower Show in Goyang, Korea took place.  The SAFEC (South African Flower Export Council), was there to showcase our countries’ flowers.  There was a lot of interest in the flowers, especially the Proteas but also in the tinted products.


Goyang show 2016 Cynaroides Pink goyang show 2016 Madiba Red Goyang show 2016 overview protea Goyang show 2016 overview with lcd protea Goyang show 2016 Protea Arctic Ice arrangement Goyang show 2016 Protea Susar Goyang show 2016 Protea White Pride Goyang show overview with South-Africa sign Goyang Show overview with Strelizia and Cotton bush tint

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